Getting Started (2)

How much does it cost?


You don’t have to pay to use CarBot, and there are no plans for this to change.

How can I sign up?

There are several ways to signup (all pretty easy though).   First go to the registration page then:

  • If you are a user of facebook, google, msn, or similar service, you can simply click on the icon of your service.  You will be able to login with those credentials
  • If social networks aren’t your thing, you can create a normal account by simply filling in the username, password, and email fields.  An email will be sent to your address with further instructions.

Adding Vehicles (2)

How many vehicles can I track?

You can add and track as many vehicles as you want with CarBot. We place no limits on the number of vehicles or the number of maintenance items you can track per account.

Choosing what to track

When setting up your vehicle, you may be tempted to check all the available options when it comes to what to track, but don’t do it!  Only check the items that pertain to you vehicle.

For example, there’s no need to track how often you change your automatic transmission fluid if you have a manual.

Tracking Maintenance (1)

Why do some service items show as due even though they aren’t?

Short answer – we estimated your mileage, and guessed too high.

Long answer – When you first entered your vehicle into CarBot we asked how many miles / km a year you drive.  We then do some math and estimate the number of miles you drive using that info.  If you last updated your mileage in CarBot a month ago then we add on a month worth of estimated mileage, and then look to see what service items could come due.  We put these items that we estimate are due in your garage, and in reminder emails.

To fix this just update your vehicle’s mileage in CarBot.